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AC is a marketing strategist, conference curator, speaker and the founder of THE CATALYSTS, a Berlin-based boutique agency for innovative and creative players working at the intersection of Digital Technologies and Film, Immersive Media, Design, Music and Sound. They advise and mentor teams on strategic & marketing planning, business & audience development. The multi-disciplinary agency investigates new developments across emerging tech, scientific research, politics, arts and culture. Informed by critical perspectives and a narrative approach, they design programs and scout speakers to create thought-provoking experiences to turn conferences into sites of knowledge exchange and co-creation.


"Is this the real life?" Merging of Media Technologies, Metaverses & Blurred Realities

AC Coppens

Reflecting on the present developments and perspectives in the film, gaming and immersive fields, AC will provide critical notes about challenges, illusions and hopes of spatial digital worlds. A curator's perspective on where media technologies are headed to and which possible futures it might hold for the entertainment industry.
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