"Is this the real life?" Merging of Media Technologies, Metaverses & Blurred Realities

AC Coppens

Reflecting on the present developments and perspectives in the film, gaming and immersive fields, AC will provide critical notes about challenges, illusions and hopes of spatial digital worlds. A curator's perspective on where media technologies are headed to and which possible futures it might hold for the entertainment industry.
Stage 3
Live Übersetzung

Various technological developments in the fields of online gaming, virtual & augmented reality, virtual producing and social media could make it possible - according to the wish of some - to create an all-encompassing digital parallel world in which everything is conceivable and everyone could be part of it. At re:publica, we want to discuss why the topic is not exactly new, but has just come up again, why it seems attractive to some, for example as a business model, what counter-models there are to the concepts of the big tech giants and discuss whether the current hype is justified at all.