Barbara Schack

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Barbara is a Swiss knife at the Internet of Production Alliance and other change-making endeavours.
She is attending re:publica as Coordinator of the Internet of Production Alliance, a network that brings together people from around the world to build open infrastructures enabling anyone, everywhere to participate in production.
With previous experience in profit, non-profit, and international organizations, she strives to identify cross-cutting and creative approaches to interesting challenges. She is passionate about some of the niches in the "change-making" field, such as Decentralised manufacturing, Education in Emergencies, Technology for Development, and community empowerment. She work with start-ups & SMEs on their strategy, growth, and internal learning. She has led start-up NGOs' strategic development and international growth, and the global or local coordination of innovation programs. This includes a long stint at Libraries Without Borders looking at access to information, particularly in offline settings. 
She is also a parent, activist and on-and-off musician.


Global Makerspaces and Decentral Production (mAkE)

Kirstin Wiedow, Barbara Schack, Salih Mahmod, Andrew Lamb, Anna Sera Lowe

What is the role of Makerspaces in decentralized production and increased employment in local communities? The relevance of makerspaces is growing as they are providing access to prototyping and production technologies and knowledge as well as capacity building.
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