Andrew Lamb

Innovation Lead - Global
Andrew Lamb presenting Field Ready's humanitarian innovations

Andrew Lamb is a Shuttleworth Fellow exploring the concept of Massive Small Manufacturing - and putting it into practice ASAP with disaster relief organisation Field Ready.

Massive Small Manufacturing is about shifting the paradigm of production back from its increasingly centralised mass production orthodoxy towards distributed and decentralised production by the masses. It is about enabling everyone with the power to create and achieving a high-tech but post-consumer society. The concept is based on promoting the adoption of new manufacturing technologies that enable economies of scope - rather than the traditional economies of scale - and then networking them together with new kinds of digital infrastructures. Andrew is conducting a series of experiments and helping to convene different communities that can help make a paradigm of participatory production a reality.

Field Ready uses disruptive technologies and approaches to transform the way that humanitarian aid is delivered after disaster. It delivers aid faster (ASAP!), cheaper and better by building on the design and manufacturing capabilities of local people and businesses. Field Ready works in places where the supply chains are at their worst and where the opportunity for transformation and humanitarian impact as at its greatest - such as in northern Iraq and Syria, across the Pacific Ocean region and in the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan. Andrew's role is to lead the innovation work of this humanitarian innovation organisation.

Andrew has worked on engineering education reform programmes, on open data with the World Bank, with UNESCO as the technical editor of the first global report on engineering - the UNESCO Engineering Report - and with the World Federation of Engineering Organisations on capacity building projects such as 'Africa Catalyst' and 'The World Engineering Index'. He was the first staff Chief Executive of Engineers Without Borders UK and co-founded the Centre for Global Equality in Cambridge. Andrew is a board member of disaster relief organisation RedR and of the Appropedia Foundation, which runs the website - a sustainability wiki.


Global Makerspaces and Decentral Production (mAkE)

Kirstin Wiedow, Barbara Schack, Salih Mahmod, Andrew Lamb, Anna Sera Lowe

What is the role of Makerspaces in decentralized production and increased employment in local communities? The relevance of makerspaces is growing as they are providing access to prototyping and production technologies and knowledge as well as capacity building.
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