Lo Moran

photo of a white person with long hair looking directly at the camera, wearing a bleached mesh shirt over a black shirt, the background is a reflected metallic patterned surface
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Lo (c) Caroline Rose Moore, 2022

Lo Moran creates interdisciplinary projects that are often socially engaged, participatory and collaborative. They aim to experiment with and question the systems we are all embedded in by organizing situations of connection, openness and nonhierarchical learning. Lo desires to develop sites for accessibility and reimagined ways of being together by investigating and investing in community support and belonging with people in momentary and long term ways. They are currently working on a comics and audio series, hosting pop-up outdoor karaoke parties and noise shows, teaching and building the Art and Social Practice Archive at Portland State University. Lo has been involved in creative projects within disability communities for the last 9 years, most recently as a support provider and member of Public Annex. They try their best to embrace fluidity and chaos to contribute to emergent futures and radical approaches.


Karaoke for the Revolution

Lo Moran

This has been a rough few years for all of us, in a kaleidoscope of ways in that we can't even really imagine what each person has gone through. There is infinite power in the resilience we have all been building. How do we use that power to create the world we want to see together, even for a moment that we can carry forward?
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