Cathleen Berger

Climate Strategies, Social Impact, and Digital Rights
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Cathleen Berger

Cathleen Berger is a purpose-driven political scientist with professional experience across sectors and with globally distributed teams: academia, government, non-profit, corporate, and early stage startup. These different experiences and insights enrich her thinking and work when it comes to designing and managing programmes for environmental and social impact. Cathleen brings structure to complex challenges, thrives in collaborative and impact-focused environments, and often finds myself driving processes for improving organisational culture, sustainability, and political direction.

Most recently, she lead the B Corporation certification process of a pre-seed climate tech startup, including developing internal policies, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) metrics and strategy, as well as brand voice and content direction. In addition, she advises and works with social purpose organisations on their climate strategies, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) accounting and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting.

In previous roles, Cathleen initiated and headed up Mozilla's environmental sustainability programme, lead on global governance and policy strategy for Mozilla’s Office of the Chair, worked as a policy strategist with the German Foreign Office focusing on international cyber policy, and advised civil society organisations and companies, particularly in the Global South, on international policy processes.