In-Cabin Futures: Travel Experiences Between The Physical & The Virtual

Steffen P. Walz

The eternal dream of traveling isn’t just about physical mobility any longer – and this has effects on possible futures of the in-cabin experience, which we at CARIAD are designing jointly with the Volkswagen Group brands and with partners worldwide.
Lightning Box 2
Lightning Talk

Games, gamification, gaming technologies, and game economics are key drivers of the emerging virtual-physical, ‘gameful’ Metaverse; they enable us to visit faraway places (e.g., in Minecraft BuildTheEarth), to go back in time (e.g., when marveling at a wall painting in a Lascaux cave whilst wearing a Virtual Reality headset -, to explore the lives of other people (e.g., through social media or on platforms such as VRChat), or to travel into alternate immersive 3D worlds and fiction—all without the need of buying a car or using other types of traditional mobility solutions.  

In this Lightning Talk, we will use exemplary “oracles” to explore select forms of this travel, and how these might overlap, or even converge, with the traditional, automotive in-cabin mobility experience.

Steffen P. Walz
Explorer & Professor of Design Innovation