• In the programme of re:publica, we want to offer space to all those perspectives that value and consciously promote human diversity as a social potential.
  • Diversity and gender balance are fundamental for an inclusive community – they represent our attitude as organisers. We explicitly include people who do not feel they belong to the binary gender paradigm.
  • We are looking forward to diverse topics, attitudes and opinions from the entire (democratic!) spectrum. Anyone can submit idea(s) to the Call for Participation. Two thirds of the programme will be curated from these submissions.
  • The Hands On and Off Stage programme addresses sustainable development issues, raises awareness of climate change challenges and informs about possible solutions.
  • We are very pleased that the conference for digital youth culture TINCON will again take place within the framework of re:publica and that we will once again be able to offer an extensive programme for young people from 13 to 25 years of age, which is accessible to the young participants free of charge.