Thorsten (TeeKay) Kreissig

Enjoying transformation
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Thorsten (TeeKay) Kreissig

Thorsten Kreissig (aka TeeKay) loves to share and spread knowledge and fun in order to create a planet with opportunities for every life-form. His personal background spans the arts, neurosciences, urban development and data-science. TeeKay is an enabler, changemaker, innovation consultant and educational activist who enjoys using the 21st Century skills and blended learning for the sustainable transformation of people and organizations. He collaborates with humans (and other intelligences) independent of their age, ethnicity, gender and religion and thus inspires schools, universities, theatres, museums, scientists, NGOs and private companies.

In 2007 his project „Dance the Cranko“ set the whole City of Stuttgart dancing in unison. In 2016 he initiated the Berlin based Refugee Academy where he and his team developed innovative educational concepts in multilingual environments. In 2019 he was a participant of BIGDIVE8, an intense AI-bootcamp in Torino working on urbanization with satellite data from ESA. He is an member of Mensa and among many other things explores the use of robots and AI for artistic purposes.