Adult Education – The Wind of Change

Thorsten (TeeKay) Kreissig, Christine Bertram

Lifelong learning is fun! European adult education is diverse, open and enables change on many different levels. The artist TeeKay takes you on a journey into the diverse world of adult learning in Europe and shows what changes adult education in Europe can achieve.
Lightning Box 1
Lightning Talk

When we think of Erasmus+, we usually think of students and universities. But that's not all! Erasmus+ also opens up paths and opportunities for learners and teachers in adult education. European adult education is incredibly diverse and exciting. There are many projects and initiatives that want to make the world a little bit better, in areas such as climate change or resilience building. Projects answer questions such as why we live and work at the expense of others and how a good life could be possible for all.

In this session, the artist Teekay on behalf of EPALE; the e-platform for adult education in Europe, takes you on a journey to visit a diverse range of projects and how they effect change in various areas of society and life.