Valerian Sanga


Eng. Valerian Linus Sanga is a Tanzanian Engineer and the co-founder, Director of Finance and Administration of STICLab in Dar es Salaam. He is a tech enthusiast and innovator, dedicated into building sustainable solutions using local available resources and tech as well as utilizing Open Source/Science resources (Hardware and Software). Valerian is also a Visiting Industrial Fellow at The University of Bath and a Visiting Researcher at Cambridge University, UK.

Together with his team and collaborators from UK, He is working into building a 3D Printed Digital Microscope for Malaria Diagnosis with AI and Machine learning capability, a 3D Printed Digital Microscope for supporting science learning in both primary and secondary school along Tanzania.

Valerian is among the steering committee members of Africa Open Science and Hardware (AfricaOSH) Community and has a strong engagement and dedication into it, which is a platform that envision Open Science and Hardware to play an important role in establishing locally adapted, culturally relevant, technologically and economically feasible production in Africa that can lead to equitable progress on scientific research, agriculture, health, education, conservation, technology and entrepreneurship. 


Open Science Publications Meetup

Ricardo Ruiz Freire, Gertrude Goh, Valerian Sanga

The meeting aims to explore flexible ways of creating publications to publish and peer review knowledge quicker, like converting simple (markdown format) text files into PDFs and ePub files. The whole layout, summary and document construction rely on scripts and LaTex style sheets with further instructions, i.e joining images in text.
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