Open Science Publications Meetup

Ricardo Ruiz Freire, Gertrude Goh, Valerian Sanga

The meeting aims to explore flexible ways of creating publications to publish and peer review knowledge quicker, like converting simple (markdown format) text files into PDFs and ePub files. The whole layout, summary and document construction rely on scripts and LaTex style sheets with further instructions, i.e joining images in text.
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By choosing alternative tech stacks, we enable ourselves to inhabit/explore alternative futures. I.e. by choosing techs like TiddlyWiki instead of MediaWiki, Fossil instead of Git, Pharo instead of Python, HedgeDoc instead of GooglDocs, and by arranging such technologies on our stacks and workflows, we are answering ourselves, via prototyping, to questions like How to organize and empower community learning and memory, particularly in places with intermittent/low connectivity and diverse (mainly small to medium) computing/storage/processing resources? How to change the (media/digital) systems we inhabit?