Ibijoke Faborode

Founder/ CEO
Ibijoke Faborode
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Ibijoke is a social innovator in gender politics & governance, Founder & CEO of ElectHER; a party agnostic non-governmental organization addressing the underrepresentation of women in politics through behavioural change communications, community building, capacity development, tech innovation and resource mobilization.
The organization is currently developing a first-of-its kind Pan-African Civic Tech platform for open data & public discourse on elections & women in politics, and was recently selected amongst the 2022 recipients of the African Union Civic Tech Fund in partnership with the European Partnership for Democracy & GIZ

Ibijoke is a Global Leadership Council Member of the Democracy and Culture Foundation, a 2019 One Young World Dutch MFA scholar, a 2019 Public Service Nominee for The Future Awards Africa and recognized as one of Nigeria’s top inspiring women 2019 by Leading Ladies Africa. She is passionate about gender equity, social innovation, and diaspora engagement.


Civic Tech Meetup

Geraldine de Bastion, Marie Gutbub, Willson Chivhanga, Alfred Andrew Kankuzi, Busayo Morakinyo, Ibijoke Faborode, Charles Muhindo, Lydia Matte, Courteney Mukoyi

How do people use digital communication channels, how do people use different technologies to shape democratic and civic processes and to get involved – by citizens for citizens or also in interaction with governments - Meet Civic Tech representatives from Africa and Europe at re:publica who will share insights from their work.
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