Jennifer Pybus

Canada Research Chair in Data Democracy and AI, Department of Politics, York University
Dr. Jennifer Pybus
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Dr. Jennifer Pybus is a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Data, Democracy and AI, and Director of York’s new Centre for Public AI.  Her interdisciplinary research intersects digital and algorithmic cultures by exploring the capture and processing of personal data. Her research contributes to an emerging field of datafication, a process that is rendering our social, cultural and political lives into productive data for machine learning and algorithmic decision-making. Her focus engages communities to open up new explainable approaches for understanding the impact of using personal data in AI technologies.


The trillion-dollar platform(s) in your pocket: who really owns your smartphone?

Jennifer Pybus, Alistair Alexander

In this workshop we’ll take apart the smartphone to show why – and how - it is so central to the digital platform economy. We’ll explain exactly how mobile platforms work to extract our data and maximise their market power. We’ll take a look at app “Manifests”, mobile “SDK”s, show what data is collected, and consider recent privacy regulation.

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