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Alistair Alexander

Alistair Alexander is a researcher, trainer and consultant on technology, art, society and ecology. He has worked as a tech journalist, organised direct actions for climate or global justice, as well as tech projects and campaigns with NGOs worldwide. At Tactical Tech, he led the award-winning Glass Room project, displaying immersive art in pop-up spaces to explore data, privacy and misinformation.


The trillion-dollar platform(s) in your pocket: who really owns your smartphone?

Jennifer Pybus, Alistair Alexander

In this workshop we’ll take apart the smartphone to show why – and how - it is so central to the digital platform economy. We’ll explain exactly how mobile platforms work to extract our data and maximise their market power. We’ll take a look at app “Manifests”, mobile “SDK”s, show what data is collected, and consider recent privacy regulation.

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