Julia Kloiber

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Profilfoto Julia Kloiber, braune Haare mit Brille
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Julia Kloiber

Julia Kloiber is the Founder of Superrr Lab – a feminist non-profit organization. In her projects, she explores the impact of technology on society and creates programs that help to foster tech for the common good. Julia has been running multiple projects that promote transparency and use technology for the social good – such as Germany’s first public fund for open source software projects: the Prototype Fund. She is a member of the Global Diplomacy Lab, the Open Knowledge Foundation, an alumni of the Global Leadership Academy and a Fellow at the Mozilla Foundation.




Time to Break New Boundaries: Zivilgesellschaft und Parteipolitik in digitaler Interaktion

Ann Cathrin Riedel, Laura Sophie Dornheim, Maximilian Oehl

Zivilgesellschaft und Parteipolitik begegnen sich auf vielfältige Weise im digitalen Raum – schaffen es dabei jedoch selten, diskursive Gewohnheiten zu überwinden. Dieses Panel beleuchtet den status quo und zeigt Potenziale für eine dynamische, digital-demokratische Zukunft auf: It’s time to break new boundaries!
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