Gabriela Agustini

Founder and Executive Director
Gabriela Agustini
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Gabriela Agustini

Gabriela Agustini is the founder and executive director of Olabi, a Brazilian non profit organization focused on diversity & inclusion in tech, and curates innovation, technology, creativity events in Brazil, where she leads discussions related to these topics. She is the co-organizer and the co-author of "De baixo para Cima"("Bottom-up"), a book of articles about digital culture, new economy and peripheries in Brazil and also presents the reality show Conection Maker on an educational TV channel in Brazil. She has traveled more than 20 countries in the 5 continents working on projects and speaking at events related to social innovation. Gabriela is an Ashoka fellow and founding member of Global Innovation Gathering.

Gabriela Agustini's participation at re:publica 22 is kindly made possible by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


Democratizing Future Literacies to Transform the World

Gabriela Agustini

Imagining desirable futures is a way of working to solve social problems and allowing new solutions to emerge in society. In this session, understand actions that have been taken in Brazil, involving the fight against racism, the empowerment of the elderly and other problems that require the construction of new images of the future to be mitigated.
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