Speakers & Performers

Portrait von docjsnyder
Comic Essayist and Economist
Tolga Akar
Lewis Akenji - Managing Director, Hot or Cool Institute
Managing Director
Photo of woman with long black hair and tanned skin, wearing a beige coat.
Head of Movement and Partnerships
Alice holds a knowing expression as she lies on a bed of soil, surrounded by grass, reflective surfaces, and mystical red-white air
Media artist, researcher, and educator
Foto von Tatjana Anisimov
Product Innovation Manager
a portrait of elihu on a set in Ghana
HR and Communications
Sina steht im Profil vor bunt angemalten Goldeimer-Toiletten
Lena Bächer am Teich beim Auswerfen eines Wurfnetzes
Manager and executer of agriculture / Online Manager / Waitress
Eine verzweigte, verzogene Gestallt einer Frau mit hat hochgestellten Haaren
Max Bank, LobbyControl
Campaigner und Researcher
Leska Bartmann Porträt
Head of Production