Mat Dryhurst

Mat Dryhurst is an artist who releases music, research and artworks solo and in conjunction with creative partner Holly Herndon and the record label PAN. As well as touring their critically acclaimed album ‘Platform’ (4AD/RVNG intl.), he recently released the decentralized publishing framework Saga, that enables creators to own each space in which their work appears online, and a number of plays that derive their narrative from the personal information of listeners. He lectures on issues of music, ideology and technology at NYU, and advises the blockchain based platform co-operative


Let's dream up a web3 for music ­– A speculation

Kaitlyn Davies, Marcel Weiß, Mat Dryhurst

What if the web3, with its automatized decision-making processes and direct distribution and monetization channels, could offer a real alternative to the current Internet of monopolistic platforms and data silos? We want to discuss such an alternative economic scenario with music producers, economists and tech experts.
Stage 6