Anna Ramskogler-Witt

Festival Director
Foto/Bild Credit
(c)HRFFB / Dovile Sermokas

Anna is the director of the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin. She is convinced that films and in particular documentaries can be a beautiful and very powerful vehicle to raise awareness and inspire people to act.

After studying art history, Anna started her professional career at the Austrian-based film distribution POOOL Filmverleih in 2006, first as educational program manager, later as impact producer. Her next stop was at the Viennese human rights film festival “This Human World”, where she was the interim production director, responsible for liaising with actors from the third sector. After five years in the Austrian film business, she moved to Berlin and started working as a freelance PR and impact consultant. In 2017, she took the amazing opportunity to work with the renowned European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, where she was responsible for fundraising and partnerships until 2019 when she became director of the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin.

Deepfakes – Pure Evil or also an Opportunity?

Hao Li

Together with international experts, we want to take a look at the dangers and possibilities of deepfakes. We are well aware of the threats to society that this technology poses, but where does it potentially also provide activists, movements, and the creative community with opportunities?
Stage 3
Live Übersetzung