Belina Raffy

Collaborative Empress and Inspiring Janitor
A picture of Belina Raffy being very smiley, and wearing a colourful silk shirt and jeans.
Foto/Bild Credit
Mikael Colville-Andersen

Belina Raffy is a improvisation consultant, experiential workshop designer and facilitator, and a 'compassionate comedy' teacher for individuals and organisations around the world.  She specialises in helping smart, lovely people working in environmental, social, and scientific organisations to find practical and inspiring ways to bring more lightness, depth, and joyful connection in to their work and lives.  

She has taught her "Sustainable Stand Up” compassionate comedy course for beginners over 40 times across 10 countries.  In 2013, she co-founded “The Thrivable World Quest”, a pirate-y, playful learning adventure for adults, which ran 9 times across multiple countries, teaching improvisational mindsets and enabling people to explore what might be different in their organisations if, as Michelle Holliday puts it, "we really wanted life on the planet to thrive.” 

Belina has studied with some of the best improvisers on the planet, was on the board of the Applied Improvisation Network for six years, and she plays the American love interest in an improvised German film called “Level Up Your Life”.   

For the last 5 years, she has been the collaboration coach for the science accelerator lab Frontier Development Lab, working with partners from NASA, ESA, the SETI Institute to help cross-functional teams to improvise more effectively so they can advance science to help humanity.  

Belina wrote a book called, “Using Improv to Save the World (and me)”.

She is part US-American, part French, and lives in Berlin, Germany.  Belina giggles a lot because she loves what she does.