Anja Saleh

Anja trägt einen cremefarbenen Blazer und blickt mit angelegtem linken Arm über ihre linke Schulter direkt in die Kamera. Sie trägt ihr lockigen Haar offen und im Hintergrund ist ein weißer Türrahmen zu erkennen.
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Muhammad Salah Abdulaziz

Anja Saleh is a cultural advisor, artist, poet and author of “Soon, The Future Of Memory”, her first full-length poetry collection published in June 2021 with Edition Assemblage in Germany.
Her research and art focus on the culture and politics of memory, the colonial continuities within remembering and its effect on our futures.

Since 2020 she has been the program coordinator and advisor of a yearly fellowship program for young, critical creatives of diverse backgrounds in Germany and Europe through Datteltäter Academy. 

Critical of historical, emotional and environmental sustainability within the fashion and jewellery industry, Anja Saleh founded TAVII Studio in 2018, a cultural project and fair trade jewellery shop that centres artisans and their stories. As the main jewellery designer she wants to highlight and support genuine artisanship in collaboration with artisans in Cairo, Egypt; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and Berlin, Germany.


Rongin Shagor - Will you remember to keep us afloat? How does digitization change the course of memory and where is it headed?

Madhumita Nandi, Anja Saleh

রঙিন সাগর Rongin Shagor translates to "colourful ocean" and views the ocean and our bodies as holders of memories, putting us in direct relation to bodies of water.
Will you remember to keep us afloat asks; Will you remember to keep us afloat asks; Who stays afloat - is remembered to stay afloat - and who will be forced to be forgotten?
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