Marina Krotofil

OT Security Program Manager, EMEA
Marina Krotofil
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Marina Krotofil

Marina Krotofil is a cyber security professional with over a decade of hands-on experiences in securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS). She managed and executed diverse technical projects around the world across a variety of industrial domains. Marina is an experienced Red/Blue Teamer who researched numerous novel attack vectors, exploitation techniques and designed novel defense methods. She is also front-line incident responder, forensic investigator and ICS malware analyst. Marina regularly collaborates with international organizations on the topics of critical infrastructure security and is a regular speaker at the leading conference stages worldwide. She is Black Hat review board member, where she leads Cyber-Physical Systems track as well as a frequent reviewer of academic manuscripts and grant proposals. Marina holds MSc. in Telecommunications, MSc. in Information and Communication Systems and an MBA in Technology Management


Is this Cyberwar?

Marina Krotofil, Oleh Derevianko

The physical Russian war of aggression on Ukraine is accompanied by cyberattacks – and although most of them are not very sophisticated, some of them bear the signature of well-known Russian state hackers. But is this the cyberwar that experts have been warning of for so long? And what do these attacks mean for the rest of the world?
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