Daniel Chluba

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I am an action and performance artist, born in West Berlin, forever 29. In my actions and performances, I work without imagination, without ideas, without creativity. I forbade myself any creativity, because creativity kills art. I pick up common mainstream themes to squeeze them into art. So I create a slogan-shaped foam*, which is just a one-to-one transmission of the personalized noise of my reality that I experience on facebook and Instagram. My filter bubble is more beautiful than yours! The self has become the staging, since I have been wearing only red clothes since the eighth grade, I stumbled into the function of the antagonistic art clown. I'm not a neo-Dadaist!

*slogan-shaped foam is not to be understood as a critique of neoliberalism.


Squirt Eis Booth

Julia Frankenberg, Daniel Chluba

Location: Outdoor at Arena

There will be popsicles in shapes of the female prostate and insights to an organ that rose from the forgotten at the squirt Ice Booth!

Squirt Eis sind Eisskulpturen am Stiel in Formen der weiblichen Prostata. Am Squirt-Eis Büdchen gibt's Raum für Gespräche, Eis und Lektüre zum Thema.

Off Stage