Victoria Wenzelmann

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Victoria is a systemic organizational and agile consultant. Her work focuses on ecosystem development, social and technological innovation, and systemic organizational design. She works with start-ups, established companies and international organizations. In 2013 she co-organized the AfricaHackTrip, became a co-founder and member of  GIG the Global Innovation Gathering, and in 2019/2020 traveled between South Africa and Uganda with the Labmobile, a mobile workshop and makerspace, working and researching on ecosystems for social and technological innovation, mobile labs and learning spaces, and participatory design for resilience and sustainability.



Magnificent Mobile Makerspaces

Daniel Wessolek, Victoria Wenzelmann, Jaiksana Soro, Iryna Kolotylo

When the people can not come to the Makerspaces, the Makerspaces come to the people. Makers from Ukraine, Uganda, and the Lausitz region in Germany come together to share experiences and exchange with you on the spot. What do these mobile spaces have in common, how do they differ, and how can they unite and build a network to support the locals?
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