Trial and Error Meetup #2 - with an Inputs on Structures to organize a Basic Income & Postcards from the Metaverse

Theresa Reimann-Dubbers, Julio Linares Circles UBI Coop, Eric Eitel, Andrea Goetzke

Room to further discuss structural changes through web3 in the cultural sphere. And: 2 inputs - 1) on an open pilot to organize a basic income system for communities, using web3 technologies and 2) postcards from the metaverse - diving into clouds of speculation.
Workshop J
Meet Up

Space to meet informally and discuss about structural changes through web3.

On the stage, on one side of the room, there will be the following inputs:

16:30 - An unconditional basic income for communities
Julio Linares

In the last few years, interest in unconditional basic income has increased as a practical alternative policy to tackle part of the social ecological problems of the day and transition into systems that nurture people's wellbeing and the commons. However, the praxis of bringing basic income into being around the world comes with a lot of lessons which bring to light the contradictions of our current monetary system, as well as the imperialist, capitalist and colonial structures which currently sustains it. In this talk, Julio Linares will explore these issues via the practice of organising a basic income 'open pilot', using Circles UBI, a basic income system for communities which leverages Web 3 technologies and direct democratic practices in order to establish concrete alternatives and imaginaries for our times.

16:45 - Postcards from the Metaverse: So, what did you see?
Theresa Reimann-Dubbers

Postcards from the Metaverse is a growing collection of postcards that record what the artist sees and writes down on her regular trips to the metaverse. Whilst there are metaverses that we can hang out in today, the reality and implications of the metaverse idea– like the web3 technologies it’s founded on– are a word cloud of speculation, desire and controversy. In this meet up we will dive through these clouds to land on metaverse ground where each participant becomes a tourist, watches the world go by and writes a little postcard. Together we will reflect on our observations and ask how much of ourselves we tend to bring– and leave behind– when we venture into new and unknown places. If you can, please bring a laptop. 




Foto von Andrea Goetzke
Curator & Cultural Producer