Rethink the Future of Plastic!

Nidhi Mittal

In this workshop we are going to talk about how to replace plastic bags and daily life packaging with biodegradable materials and learn how to make bio plastics.
Hands On

Materials are all around us, but we give very little thought to their impact on our daily lives. Where they come from, how they are designed into our products, and finally what happens after we’re finished using them. Humans transformed nature to make our lives convenient only to leave a huge mess for the next generation. How do we solve this crisis that we’ve created?

We are very well aware of the environmental and health problems caused by single-use plastic waste. It is the third most commonly used petroleum derivative in the world. If we need to prevent waste created by single-use plastic products, we need to switch to materials that are sustainable. The ecological benefits of renewable raw materials are clear: they are valuable, environmentally friendly, and do not cause health problems. Unlike conventional plastic, which can take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill, bioplastics can easily decompose and release lots of nutrients into the soil. The bioplastic that we are going to make in this workshop is eco-friendly and it takes very little time to dissolve completely in the water.

The workshop covers:
1. How to make bio-plastic.
2. Experiment and learn the properties of this material.
3. Applications of it.
4. The participants will walk away with their very own kit which will contain a type of mold to make bioplastic.

Cost: 10 Euro/person


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