Long live your smartphone! Let’s refurbish a phone together and learn how to keep our tech alive.

Kewin Charron

Phone dropped. Screen cracked. Time for a new phone? Not for us. And not for you either. Anyone can fix their phone, and we can show you how. Not just a great party trick for your next BBQ — it’s also a great way to prevent electronic waste!
Workshop T
Hands On

During this hands-on session, we’ll show you the essential steps for repairing and refurbishing a smartphone.

Besides the practical experience, you’ll also learn about important topics in the repair space. You might not know it, but that company whose name rhymes with Fapple has been making it extremely hard for individuals and independent repair shops to fix their devices. We’ll be walking you through how they do that, showing you the inside of a phone and where these blocking points are.  

Are you curious how refurbishers are testing devices? No need to pretend you’re a pro. Everyone is welcome to come and join.  

Is your battery still going strong? Come by and test it! We won’t charge you…but we will give you advice on how to charge your battery and other tips that can help you make it last longer.