Imagining New Worlds for Today’s New Values System

Barbara Cueto, Geert Lovink, Tanya Cruz

The experience of the pandemic has profoundly affected many facets of life that were previously taken for granted. From remodeling the workspace to rearranging the family, this complicated experience has also made us question what is valuable
Stage 6

The traditional idea of value often starts with a basic assertion: value equals money. What would happen if we stopped paying attention to productivity as the only source of value? Reframing value far from the market entails a reconstruction of our social imaginaries.

The potential of Web3 goes beyond the financial re-arrangements but it has the potential to formulate new  techno-social imaginaries. This panel investigates what value beyond the market is and how artists develop alternative forms of world-building based on those values thinking through distributed ledger technologies. To unravel threads of thinking about value in a different way, we invite two agents in C/O Digital’s new incubator program: Geert Lovink as mentor and the artist collective Keiken as mentees. The artists will talk with Lovink about how creativity and innovation generate new models that foster diverse forms of value and its repercussions, transforming social organizations.

Headshot Barbara Cueto
Digital Curator
Media Theorist, Internet Critic