Hacking Learning - Das Lernen Hacken

Melanie Stilz, Julia Kleeberger

While an urgent need to foster "21st century skills" seems to be widely accepted there are few methodological and topical solutions how to do it. We suggest, that education needs to be hacked - literally and figuratively. In our podcast we want to invite guests to talk about "critical making education".
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Hands On

The changes in educational systems in the past 100 years are few and don't reflect the transformation we continue to experience and that our children need to be prepared for. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication are widely accepted as core future competences, yet there seems to be little imagination how these could be squeezed into rigid timetables and already overloaded curricula. We suggest, that hacking learning is overdue. We search for useful and promising approaches and concepts how to start. In this podcast we want to speak about commons based digitization, sustainable development and critical making education.