Exhibition, Pre-Release and Talk: Non-Fungible Comic - A Comic Essay about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Julia Schneider aka docjsnyder, Noëlle Kröger

Location: Flutgraben

If NFTs are to bring benefits, we need a technical and regulatory framework focused on sustainability, with broad societal debate and art to go beyond the scope.
Off Stage

"Any way the wind blows": Like re:publica traditionally and in 2022, my comic essays at the intersection of art, technology, business and society address the question:

At this re:publica, you'll be able to see larger-than-life excerpts from our "Non-Fungible Comic" for the first time - alongside the digital pre-release of www.nonfungiblecomic.org. 

How can we make our digital society a better place to live for everyone and solve global crises with a global community? 
The new comic on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Non-Fungible Comic, will be presented in excerpts for the first time at re:publica.

At the same time, there will also be a pre-release of the comic in digital form, openly licensed, at www.nonfungiblecomic.org. 

We think: if NFTs are to bring benefits to society as a whole, we need to combine a technical and legal framework focused on sustainability with other sciences that deal with individual and group behavior, such as social psychology, economics, and sociology - and art to go beyond the scope. What do you think? 

Portrait von docjsnyder
Comic Essayist and Economist
Portrait von Person mit braunen Haaren, Brille und rotem Hemd.
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