Embassy of the Republic of Užupis to Munich

Max Haarich, Elena Už Munich, Christian Schlodder

Užupis is a self-declared independent artist republic in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was founded to saved its neighborhood from drowning into hate and violence after the breakdown of Soviet Union. The only means were humor, love, and paradox. The Munich Embassy tries to spread this spirit in the worlds of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and money.
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Under the motto "Explore the unthinkable" the Munich Embassy of Užupis tries to challenge dominant paradigms in order to reach new areas of thought. Our current focus is AI, Blockchain, and money: we have the first constitution to mention AI, we have an AI horse that reads your mind, we were the first to preserve teletext pages on blockchain, and we have the only NFTs that protect you from making money.

Is this serious or fun? Definitely yes!

The results of our artistic research have been presented at highest political level, have been exhibited at festivals like Ars Electronica, have been collected by museums like Francisco Carolinum, and have been covered by magazines like US Playboy. Meet us to learn more about Užupis. We also offer to grant you Užupis citizenship and to cover all your existing debts with our emergency money....and there will bey cherry brandy and π-nuts.