Cancelled: CHROMOSOMA (C6H10OS2)

Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum

CHROMOSOMA (C6H10OS2) is a presentation of pseudo-science of allicin in garlic plants in various methods.
Off Stage

The pharmaceutical industry in recent decades has largely focused on the discovery and development of new drugs. In the meanwhile the use of natural products for medicinal and antimicrobial purposes is an ancient practice and sometimes to be forgotten through the biopolitical campaign from the pharmaceutical industry. 

Allicin (C6H10OS2) is a defence molecule from garlic (Allium sativum L.) with a broad range of biological activities. Garlic has been used for thousands of years in many cultures for medicinal purposes and appears to have no effect on drug metabolism. CHROMOSOMA (C6H10OS2) is a presentation of pseudo-science of allicin in garlic plants in various methods. The novel idea of this project is to raise awareness in public for the use of allicin in garlic for domestic healthcare use and prevent million deaths in the future because of antibiotic apocalypse from antimicrobial resistance.

Mitosis, the process of chromosome condensation and separation into new daughter nuclei, is one part of the cell cycle. This installation shows a procedure that stains chromosomes in growing roots of garlic. Cells in actively growing tissue go through a cycle of metabolic activity, DNA replication, chromosome segregation and cell division known as the cell cycle. The purpose of showcasing the mitosis process of garlic is in the current research study: water-soluble extract of garlic arrested cancer cells in mitosis and caused apoptosis, and  that can be interesting for cancer treatment.

The installation will show a series of images from the results of mitosis in action at different stages from the garlic living cells. Garlic bulbs grow roots that have actively dividing cells in their tips, in a region called the meristem. It will also generate the visual from the living cells into sound.