(Any Way The Wind Blows): The Game! Unofficial re:publica 22 video game workshop!

Tarek Omar

(Any Way The Wind Blows) to my imagination sounds like a fun video game. In this workshop we will learn together how to design, build and play a video game influenced by re:publica 2022 motto.
Hands On

In this workshop we will collaborate on designing and building a 3D video game around the idea of blowing wind! 

I will give you an introduction to game design and what goes into building a video game. I will walk you through the game engine, basic 3D objects drawing, animation, materials and scripting. Once everyone is set with the basics, we will start building the game and you will be able to follow my steps but you will also be able to be creative with your version of the game in every step and I will help you.

At the end we will showcase and play the games we built at the workshop.

The game template source code, assets, audio and graphics will be open source.

You will need any laptop (Linux, Windows or Mac) and preferably an external mouse. No programming background required to attend the workshop.

Send an email to wind@tarekomar.com to get the game template and instruction before the workshop.